Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The tingling in the stomach is mis-interpreted...

...every time.

We think it portends something good. Something exciting, anticipated, yet to come, yet to be experienced.

It's what we feel when we think we have fallen, or are falling, in love.

Fallen. Whoops.

And yet the physical feeling is no different when the emotion is completely the opposite, something fearful, anticipated, yet to come, yet to be experienced. From impending death of the body, the committing of a crime, the promise of romance, monetary gain of any sort, a junkie's relief approaching, a difficult meeting coming up, etc, one experiences the exact the same physical feeling.

So is it good, or is it bad, which is it to be?

In truth this feeling is the alarm bells of the activated liar. The liar refers to the thought-construct through which we see ourselves as separate entities, physical bodies alone and fearful in a hostile world. It is the foundation stone for the dualistic reality we appear to live in. And it is very interested in its own continuity. It is a first class obfuscator; it needs to be.

Back to the tinglings. Whenever there is a thought that involves a great deal of The Separation's hard-wiring, the liar gets excited and the stomach tingles.

So whenever your stomach is tingling in anticipation, take note. Whatever the tingling refers to will lead you deeper into separateness, isolation and conflict, and further away from the peace. Try not to follow the tingling. Try not to allow yourself to be seduced by a body sensation that seems to promise different things at different times but ultimately always delivers the same result, conflict.

Just observe it. For sure it will pass.

Find out what the liar is here :  THE LIAR : Book : Saving The World
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There is also a page now for Question & Answers that may come from your reading of THE LIAR. You can find this here.

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